Simple Installation Instructions


  1. Tools needed: Household hammer, handsaw or hacksaw, gloves, and safety glasses.

  2. All installation hardware (stakes and connectors) included


EcoBorder "L" Installation - Simple 3 Step Installation

Place it

Connect it

Secure it




Additional Tips and Helpful Information

  1. *Positioning

Carry pieces to the install location by draping them evenly over your arms, with arms extended in front of you. Position the product high on ground that may settle. Simply rake some soil underneath to position pieces higher in the bed if needed. Installations are easiest when you let our products guide you in forming the curves around your beds. Place the pieces down just inside the edge of the bed flush with the lawn and then connect them using the provided connector rods. Slide the pieces forward or backward just slightly to close the gaps so that they match the channels over the top of each piece.

* Securing

Once in position, stake the pieces down starting with the holes next to the connections. Then come back and use the remaining stakes to hold down the areas in between. Please note that the stake holes are tilted toward the front of the edging to maximize the holding power.

* Turns

Please note that a piece of our EcoBorder product may bend up to 70 degrees (depending on the model) from end-to-end. Do not over-bend the product; let it guide you in making natural, gradual curves around your beds.

When making sharp curves the product will naturally tilt forward. This is by design, let the product bank the curves for a dynamic effect in your landscape.

You may also create sharper curves by making a slight angle cut to the end of a piece (more common in our "Curb" model).  For an even more dramatic turn, cut both pieces as illustrated here:

* Cutting

If a cut is needed, cut with a handsaw, hacksaw, or electric saw. Use a miter box for a more accurate cut. Square corners may be miter cut just like moulding; with a 45 degree cut at the end of each piece.

* Notice

These products are 99.9% steel free. Wear gloves when installing.

Always wear safety glasses when cutting material.

* EcoBorder Drilling

If you need to make a cut in the middle of a piece, then you’ll need to create new connector holes. In this rare case you may download the file below for a drilling template.

- Bonding Glue - You may also adhere the two pieces together with a professional grade super glue. This may be an easier solution for sharper angles.

EcoBorder L Drilling Template099.pdf

EcoBorder Curb Drilling Template100.pdf

* EcoBorder Tree Ring

Due to the thickness or depth of our EcoBorder product it is recommended to shape tree rings at least 6 ft in diameter or larger. If a tighter tree ring is desired, it is recommended to cut the pieces as shown in the file attached below. These designs look great and allow for an easier configuration.

Click here for Tree Ring Shapes.jpg


EcoBorder "Curb" Installation - Simple 3 Step Installation

Place it

Connect it

Secure it




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No Digging Required

Molded from recycled tires.

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